Alolan Marowak
Alolan Marowak
General Information
Type Fire/Ghost
Ability Cursed Body
Lightning Rod
Gender Ratio 50% male, 50% female
Height 3'03"
Weight 75 lbs
Related Pokémon Cubone (pre-evolution)
Marowak (evolutionary cousin / non-Alolan form)
Evolves from Cubone (Lv. 28, at night)
Breeding Information
Egg Group Monster
Pokédex / Browser Numbers
National #105
Alola #164

Alolan Marowak is an Fire/Ghost-type Pokémon that evolves from Cubone at Lv. 28 during the night.


In the Alola region, Marowak was faced with an abundance of Grass-type Pokémon. These circumstances led it to bond closely with its friends, which is said to have created a sort of sixth sense and caused it to take a new form.

People of Alola fear Alolan Marowak for a conjurer, due to its rarity and the fearful sight of it dancing with its bone.


Alolan Marowak's body is black, and its skull has a dark, flamelike mark between the eyes. Its eyes are also a pale gray. Compared to regular Marowak's squatter, thicker body, Alolan Marowak is relatively thin compared to Marowak. White markings echoing shoulder blades, vertebrae, and hip bones also line its back.


Alolan Marowak rubs the bone it wields against its forehead to light the ends in a green flame, and then twirl the flaming bone.

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