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Dawn's Ambipom.png
General Information
Pokémon Aipom (formerly)
Trainer Ash Ketchum (formerly)
Gender Female
Current Status Training with O
Other Information
Where Obtained Indigo Plateau, Kanto
Poké Ball Poké Ball
First Appearance Slaking Kong!
When Evolved Journey to the Unown!
Voice Actor Miyako Itō (as an Aipom)
Emily Jenness (as an Ambipom)

Ambipom is an Ambipom (former Aipom) owned by Dawn, formerly by Ash Ketchum.


Ambipom as an Aipom

Ambipom is a playful Pokémon. As an Aipom, she behaved much more mischievous, often stealing Ash's hat or other forms of headwear and even other Pokémon's food just for attention. She was also quite attached to Ash, getting jealous of his attention to Pikachu, or even attacking Professor Oak.

When she was traded to Dawn, Aipom mellowed considerably, stopped stealing and became quicker to obey orders. While still loyal to Ash, she also became loyal to Dawn, showing a more mature side.

Ambipom has been shown to develop different interests over time. A well known example of this is contests. While not necessarily preferring them to battles, she has shown great interest. She first showed interest in contests when watching May and other coordinators compete. Her love for contests even persuaded Ash to participate in the Jubilife Contest. Later, Ambipom became interested in Pokémon Ping Pong, which she decided to pursue instead of contests.

Moves Used[]

Move First Use
Double Hit Journey to the Unown!
Double Team Aipom and Circumstance
Focus Punch Channeling the Battle Zone
Scratch Slaking Kong!
Swift Channeling the Battle Zone

Notable Achievements[]


As an Aipom[]

Situation Opponent
Aipom's Teammate(s) Win / Loss Outcome
Oreburgh Gym Battle Roark Cranidos - Loss Cranidos knocked out Aipom with Zen Headbutt.
Ash later lost the battle.
Oreburgh Gym Battle Roark Geodude - Win Aipom knocked out Geodude with Focus Punch.
Rampardos - Loss Rampardos knocked out Aipom with Headbutt.
Ash later won the battle.
Eterna Gym Battle Gardenia Roserade Turtwig^ Win Aipom knocked out Roserade with Focus Punch, winning the battle.

As an Ambipom

Situation Opponent
Ambipom's Teammate(s) Win / Loss Outcome
Veilstone Gym Battle Maylene Meditite Buneary^ Win Ambipom knocked out Meditite with Double Hit.
Lucario - Loss Lucario knocked out Ambipom with Bone Rush.
Dawn later lost the match.


As an Aipom[]

Contest Stage Opponent
Win / Loss / Success Outcome
Jubilife Contest Appeals - - Success -
Battle Zoey Glameow Loss Aipom had less points than Glameow when time ran out.

As an Ambipom[]

Contest Stage Opponent
Win / Loss Outcome
Solaceon Contest Appeals - - Failure -
Wallace Cup Appeals - - Success -
Celestic Contest Battle Lila Delcatty Win Ambipom had more points than Delcatty when time ran out.
Sandalstraw Contest Appeals - - Success -
Battle Jessilina Seviper Win Ambipom knocked out Seviper with Double Hit and had more points than it when time ran out.
Battle Kenny Prinplup Loss Prinplup knocked out Ambipom with Drill Peck.

Other competitions[]

Contest Opponent
Ambipom's Teammate(s) Win / Loss Outcome
Pokémon Ping Pong in Sandalstraw Town Unnamed scientist Alakazam Dawn* Win Dawn and Ambipom won the ping pong game.
Wilkinson Farfetch'd Dawn* Win Dawn and Ambipom won the ping pong game.
Halverson Marowak Dawn* Win Dawn and Ambipom won the ping pong game.
O Shiftry Dawn* Loss O and Shiftry won the ping pong game.

An asterisk (*) refers to Ambipom's partner in the battle.

A call (^) refers to other Pokémon that battled the opponent before Ambipom.

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