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General Information
Species Chimp Pokémon
Type Fire
Ability Blaze
Iron Fist (Hidden Ability)
Gender Ratio 87.5% male, 12.5% female
Evolves into Monferno (Lv. 14)
Breeding Information
Egg Group Field
Pokédex / Browser Numbers
National #390
Sinnoh #004
Almia R-168
Oblivia R-194 (present)
N-203 (past)

Chimchar is a Fire-type Pokémon that evolves into Monferno at Lv. 14, which evolves into Infernape at Lv. 36.


Chimchar is a bipedal Pokémon resembling a chimpanzee. Its fur is primarily a shade of orange, though its face, outer ears, underbelly, hands, and feet are light yellow. Its rear has a small, round, red patch that is usually obscured by flames produced by burning gas in its stomach. Its ears are large in comparison to its head and red inside. It has two pointed teeth in its upper jaw. Chimchar has red markings nearly surrounding its eyes, a swirl-like symbol on its chest, and five fingers on its hands with three toes on its feet. It has a swirly crest of hair on its head. 

Chimchar's flames go out when it goes to sleep, and burn weakly when it feels ill.


Chimchar can be found in mountainous areas and around volcanoes.


Being very agile, Chimchar is able to climb the rocky ledges of tall mountains, where it lives.

Notable Chimchar[]

Name Origin Trainer Group Note(s)
Chimchar Anime Alice -
Chimchar Anime Professor Rowan - Multiple.
Chimchar Anime None Team Poképals
Chimchar Games Professor Rowan (formerly)
The Player
The Partner Games None Team Poképals
The Player Games None Team Poképals

Former Chimchar[]

Name Origin Trainer Note(s)
Infernape Anime Flint Evolved into a Monferno, then an Infernape.
Infernape Anime Paul (formerly, released)
Ash Ketchum
Evolved into a Monferno, then an Infernape.
Infernape Games
Barry Evolved into a Monferno, then an Infernape.
Monferno Games
Dawn / Lucas Evolved into a Monferno.