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General Information
Species Shadow Pokémon
Type Ghost/Poison
Ability Levitate (Generation III - VI)
Cursed Body (Generation VII and on)
Gender Ratio 50% male, 50% female
Height 4'11"
Weight 89.3 lbs
Related Pokémon Gastly (Haunter's pre-evolved form)
Haunter (pre-evolved form)
Evolves from Haunter (Trade)
Mega Evolution Mega Gengar (Gengarite)
Breeding Information
Egg Group Amorphous
Pokédex / Browser Numbers
National #094
Kanto #094
Johto #060
Sinnoh #071
Kalos #032 (Mountain)
Alola #063
Fiore R-096
Almia R-019
Oblivia R-166

Gengar is a Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon that evolves from Haunter via trade, which evolves from Gastly at Lv. 25.

Gengar can Mega Evolve into Mega Gengar when holding a Gengarite.


Gengar is a dark purple, bipedal Pokémon with a roundish body. It has red eyes and a wide mouth that is usually curled into a sinister grin. Multiple spikes cover its back, and it has large pointed ears. Its arms and legs are short with three digits on both its hands and feet. It also has a stubby tail.

Gengar's body acts as a heat sink. Its presence cools the temperature of the surrounding area by nearly 10 °F (5 °C), because it absorbs the warmth.


Gengar lives in shadows of rooms, caves, and dark places where shadows form. It is especially fond of urban areas such as cities and back alleys, but only during the night.


Gengar is very mischievous, and at times, malicious. It enjoys playing practical jokes and casting curses, such as pretending to be one's shadow, then behaving erratically. When the shadow's caster notices, Gengar takes delight in its terror.

Gengar has been known to be very loyal to a trainer who treats it well.


Gengar can hide perfectly in the shadow of any object, granting it exceptional stealth.

Notable Gengar[]


Canon Trainer Group(s) Note(s)
Gengar Anime Agatha -
Gengar Anime Alva (formerly, escaped) -
Gengar Anime Drake (Orange League) -
Gengar Anime Fantina -
Gengar Anime Lon -
Gengar Anime Morty -
Gengar Anime Unknown - Seen in Pokémon - I Choose You!.
Gengar Anime None Team Meanies
Gengar Origins Red -
Fantina Games Fantina -
Gengar Games None Team Meanies Seen in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red and Blue Rescue Team.