General Information
Species Sludge Pokémon
Type Poison
Ability Stench
Sticky Hold
Poison Touch (Hidden Ability)
Gender Ratio 50% male, 50% female
Evolves into Muk (Level 38)
Breeding Information
Egg Group Amorphous
Pokédex / Browser Numbers
National #088
Kanto #088
Johto #116 (Generation II)
Hoenn #106 (Generation III)
Unova #064 (Black and White 2)
Fiore R-087

Grimer is a Poison-type Pokémon that evolves into Muk at Level 38.


Grimer is a slimy, amorphous blob-like Pokémon, made of living purple sludge. Its body contains a variety of pungent bacteria, which are so potent that it renders soil it slithers over barren and incapable of supporting plant life. It has two large eyes with beady pupils, and a gaping mouth with a grey tongue. While it lacks any visible legs, it does have two arms with three digits on each hand. It is constantly oozing; endlessly leaking a bacteria-rich fluid from all over its body.

Pieces of it often breaks off during travel, and from these pieces new Grimer will begin to grow. When combined with another Grimer, it produces new poisonous compounds.


Grimer can be found in polluted lakes, streams and sewers, as well as within cities and factories where trash and industrial waste can be found.


Grimer feeds off of the filthy waste water in sewers. 


Due to its lack of a solid form, Grimer is capable of squeezing into any space or crevices with relative ease.

Notable GrimerEdit

Name Trainer Note(s)
Grimer Pokémon Summer Academy
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