General Information
Species Punching Pokémon
Type Fighting
Ability Keen Eye
Iron Fist
Inner Focus (Hidden Ability)
Gender Ratio 100% male
Evolves from Tyrogue (Lv. 20, Attack < Defense)
Breeding Information
Egg Group Human-Like
Pokédex / Browser Numbers
National #107
Kanto #107
Johto #145 (Generation II)
Oblivia R-102 (present)
N-072 (past)

Hitmonchan is a Fighting-type Pokémon that evolves from Tyrogue at Lv. 20, if its Defense is higher than its Attack.


Hitmonchan is a tan, humanoid Pokémon. There are five blunt protrusions on top of its head, and it has extensions resembling pads over its shoulders.

Hitmonchan appears to be wearing a light purple tunic and kilt, as well as red boxing gloves and light purple boxing shoes.

Hitmonchan are a male-only species.


Hitmonchan has an unwavering spirit and will never give up in a difficult situation.


Hitmonchan is able to throw punches too quick to be seen with the naked eye.

By punching with a corkscrew motion, Hitmonchan is capable of drilling through concrete.


Hitmonchan requires a break every three minutes while fighting.

Notable HitmonleeEdit

Name Series


Hitmonchan Anime Anthony
Hitmonchan Anime Bruno
Hitmonchan Anime Kim
Hitmonchan Anime Kiyo
Hitmonchan Anime Kyle Hamm
Hitmonchan Anime Rudy
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