General Information
Species Psi Pokémon
Type Psychic
Ability Synchronize
Inner Focus
Magic Guard (Hidden Ability)
Gender Ratio 75% male, 25% female
Evolves from Abra (Lv. 16)
Evolves into Alakazam (Trade)
Breeding Information
Egg Group Human-Like
Pokédex / Browser Numbers
National #064
Kanto #064
Johto #090
Hoenn #040 (Generation III)
Sinnoh #021
Kalos #103 (Central)

Kadabra is a Psychic-type Pokémon that evolves from Abra at Lv. 16, and evolves into Alakazam via trade.


Kadabra is a primarily yellow, humanoid Pokémon. It has two large, pointed ears on top of its head, a red star on its forehead, and wide cheeks leading down to a thin snout. Its eyes are deep-set and narrow. Extending from its snout are two mustache-like tufts of fur. Kadabra's torso is segmented with bulky shoulders, a thick, brown chest, and a small abdomen marked by three red, wavy lines. It has a large, thick tail encircled with a brown band near its base. Its arms are thin with brown elbows, and end in three-fingered hands with white claws. Its legs have prominent knees and large, three-toed feet, also ending in white claws.

All of Kadabra's brain cells work in unison while it uses its powers.

Kadabra is always seen carrying a silver spoon, which amplifies its telekinetic powers.

When Kadabra has a headache, the alpha waves it emits become unusual.

Gender DifferencesEdit

Male Kadabra have a longer mustache than females.


Kadabra emits alpha waves strong enough to induce headaches, and can even cause clocks to run backwards, machines to malfunction, and delicate devices to cease functioning altogether.

Kadabra can double the amplitude of its alpha waves when holding its spoon, and can increase it even further by closing its eyes.The waves increase further in strength the more danger Kadabra faces.

Notable KadabraEdit

Name Series


Kadabra Anime Sabrina

Former KadabraEdit

Name Series


Alakazam Games Mira Evolved into an Alakazam.
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