General Information
Species Transport Pokémon
Type Water/Ice
Ability Water Absorb
Shell Armor
Hydration (Hidden Ability)
Gender Ratio 50% male, 50% female
Breeding Information
Egg Group Monster
Water 1
Pokédex / Browser Numbers
National #131
Kanto #131
Johto #219 (Generation II)
Unova #242 (Black 2 and White 2)
Kalos #150 (Coastal)
Fiore R-106
Oblivia R-058 (present)

Lapras is a Water/Ice-type Pokémon.


Lapras resembles a plesiosaur. It has a spotted, blue hide with a cream underside. Its neck is long, and it has large black eyes. There is a short horn in the middle of its forehead and curled ears placed farther back on its head. Instead of legs, it has four flippers with the foremost pair being larger than the hind. On its back is a heavy, gray shell covered in blunt knobs.


Lapras is native to the seas.


Lapras is a gentle, helpful Pokémon that enjoys ferrying people and Pokémon across bodies of water. However, this docility has made it an easy target for hunters, who have nearly driven it to extinction.

Lapras has been known to travel the seas in large pods.


Lapras is able to use telepathy.

Notable LaprasEdit

Name Trainer Note(s)
Lapras Ash Ketchum (formerly)
Lapras Pokémon Summer Academy
Lapras Solidad
Lapras None
Lapras None Seen in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness.
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