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Mega Blaziken
Mega Blaziken.png
General Information
Type Fire/Fighting
Ability Speed Boost
Gender Ratio 87.5% male, 12.5% female
Evolves from Blaziken (Blazikenite)
Breeding Information
Pokédex / Browser Numbers

Mega Blaziken is a Fire/Fighting-type Mega Pokémon that Mega Evolves from Blaziken when holding a Blazikenite.


When Blaziken Mega Evolves into Mega Blaziken, it loses its yellow markings, and gains black markings on its upper legs and chest. Its hair-like feathers take on a wing-like shape and point upward, and the portion around its chest is rough around its shoulders. The crest on its head changes into a flat horn that curves backward. The flames it creates on its wrists is now longer as well.


As it unleashes a flurry of savage kicks, Mega Blaziken's legs can begin to burn from the friction of the surrounding atmosphere.

Notable Blaziken that can Mega Evolve[]

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Blaziken Anime Meyer