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Mesprit (PMD portrait).png
General Information
Pokémon Mesprit
Home Underground Lake
Group Team Poképals (if recruited)
Gender None (referred to as a female)
Ability Levitate
Level Lv. 18 (first battle)
Lv. 42 (subsequent battles)
Occupation(s) Guardian of a Time Gear (formerly)
Explorer (if recruited)
Current Status With Team Poképals
Other Information
Where Obtained Underground Lake
Game Appearances Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky
Alternate Counterparts Mesprit (anime)

Mesprit was a Guardian of a Time Gear at Underground Lake and a recruitable member of Team Poképals.


Mesprit was first seen at Underground Lake when Team Poképals found it. Mesprit fought them to defend the Time Gear, mistaking them for the thief that Uxie had told her via telepathy about who stole the Time Gear from Fogbound Lake. Team Poképals defeated her just as Grovyle arrived and shoved everyone aside before diving into Underground Lake to take the Time Gear. Mesprit apologized before fleeing with Team Poképals to avoid being frozen in time. After discussing with DusknoirUxie, Mesprit and Azelf use themselves as bait for Grovyle while the other Pokémon spread a false rumor that they were going to permanently seal away the Time Gear in Crystal Lake. This plan was successful and Grovyle was captured and taken back to the future, with Dusknoir dragging Team Poképals with him.

Before Team Poképals and Grovyle return to the present, Mesprit returns to Underground Lake and puts the Time Gear back. It is revealed in Grovyle's letter that Mesprit allowed Grovyle to take the Time Gear after being told the truth.

After the credits, Mesprit will still be at Underground Lake and can be battled if Team Poképals returns. After being defeated, Mesprit will ask to join the team, which can be accepted or denied.