General Information
Species Spikes Pokémon
Type Ground/Rock
Ability Lightning Rod
Rock Head
Reckless (Hidden Ability)
Gender Ratio 50% male, 50% female
Evolves into Rhydon (Level 42)
Breeding Information
Egg Group Field
Pokédex / Browser Numbers
National #111
Kanto #111
Johto #206 (Generation II)
Hoenn #169 (Generation II)
Sinnoh #186
Kalos #050 (Coastal)
Almia R-149

Rhyhorn is a Ground/Rock-type Pokémon that evolves into Rhydon at Lv. 42, which evolves into Rhyperior when traded while holding a Protector.


Rhyhorn is a rhinoceros-like creature with a body covered in gray, rocky plates. Its underside and rear are smooth, and it has four short legs with two claws on each foot. It has a triangular head with narrow, red eyes, two fangs protruding from its upper jaw, and small, triangular openings on the upper sides. A spiked ridge runs along its back, and it has a single short horn on the tip of its snout.

Rhyhorn's bones are a thousand times harder than human bones.

Rhyhorn's brain is very small, giving it a one-track mind.

Gender DifferencesEdit

Female Rhyhorn have shorter horns than males.


Rhyhorn lives in rough terrain.


Rhyhorn's short legs make it inept at turning.

Sometimes, Rhyhorn may feel pain the day after a collision.

Notable RhyhornEdit

Name Origin Trainer
Rhyhorn Anime Corey
Rhyhorn Anime Grace
Rhyhorn Anime Ian
Rhyhorn Anime Jon Dickson
Rhyhorn Anime Noland
Hornlette Games Brock (formerly)
The Player
Rhyhorn Games Grace

Former RhyhornEdit

Name Origin Trainer Note(s)
Rhyperior Games Brock Evolved into a Rhydon, then a Rhyperior.
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