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General Information
Species Predator Pokémon
Type Normal/Flying
Ability Intimidate
Reckless (Hidden Ability)
Gender Ratio 50% male, 50% female
Evolves from Staravia (Lv. 34)
Breeding Information
Egg Group Flying
Pokédex / Browser Numbers
National #398
Sinnoh #012
Kalos #101 (Coastal)
Almia R-025
Oblivia R-230 (present)
N-172 (past)

Staraptor is a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon that evolves from Staravia at Lv. 34, which evolves from Starly at Lv. 14.


Staraptor is a grayish-brown, avian Pokémon similar to a large bird of prey. It has small, red eyes and a thin, yellow beak with a black tip. There is a circular white patch on its forehead, which is smaller on the female. Larger white markings cover the front of its throat and chest, separated by a black ruff encircling the shoulders. A red-tipped, black crest extends over its head, nearly reaching the tip of its beak. It has large wings, five black-tipped tail feathers, and yellow feet with black talons.

Gender Differences[]

The white spot on Staraptor's forehead is larger on males.


Staraptor can be highly aggressive, persistently attacking even larger foes in spite of illness or injury.

Staraptor is fussy about the shape of its crest, which it uses to appear larger and frighten enemies.

Upon evolution, Staraptor leaves its flock to live alone.


Staraptor's powerful wing and leg muscles allow it fly effortlessly while carrying the weight of two people. 

Notable Staraptor[]

Name Canon Trainer Note(s)
Staraptor Anime Barry
Staraptor Anime Ash Ketchum
Staraptor Anime Kellyn (temporarily) Via Capture Styler.
Staraptor Anime Orson
Staraptor Anime Professor Rowan
Staraptor Anime Reggie
Staraptor Games Barry

Former Staraptor[]

Name Canon Trainer Note(s)
Ditto 1 Anime Narissa Via Transform.
Ditto 2 Anime Narissa Via Transform.